Chernobylite gets a free Content Update, Ghost Town, a New DLC, and more!

21 December, 2021

The latest free content update, Ghost Town, is now available on Steam. Have you heard of the Pripyat Residential Area before? The symbolic area was one of the nuclear cities of the “peaceful atom” era. Unfortunately, the industry that gave Pripyat its purpose was ultimately  responsible for its destruction.

In the Ghost Town update, you’ll be able to visit a 3D-scanned reconstruction of the neighborhood, now just a graveyard of dreams. In addition to the threat of hidden supernatural monsters, the abandoned city is the only place in the Exclusion Zone with a huge amount of chernobylite structures. Here you’ll find the largest chernobylite crystals in the Zone. 

What horrors will you find in Pripyat? Make your way through the thicket of chernobylite and search every building and dark alley. 

Watch the trailer:

Also new to Chernobylite is the Deadly Frost Skin Pack which introduces a new set of skins for each weapon. With this pack your enemies will be frozen with fear when they see you approaching, until the icy bite of winter sends them to a cold grave.

Get the Deadly Frost Skin Pack on Steam:

In addition, the game’s soundtrack from award-winning composer Mikolai Stroiński is now available on Steam. With the haunting melody of the Zone following you wherever you go, will you ever truly be able to leave? 

Get the OST on Steam:

All additional content is free for Early Access users.

If you haven’t played Chernobylite yet, check out the new demo now available on Steam. The demo includes the game’s intro as well as two whole in-game days to go through. Also, be sure not to miss the 25% off discount on Steam or (until January 5) or the Epic Games Store (until January 6) if you haven’t explored the Zone yet!

Will you discover the forgotten secrets of Pripyat armed in icy weapon skins? Join our Discord and share your thoughts with us.

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