Chernobylite—Crafting in the Field

23 June, 2021


We need to prepare to enter the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone this summer. There are various survival mechanics available in the game and you should know at least some of them if you’re going to survive. Your choices will determine what equipment and skills you get. 

Crafting set Chernobylite

Read this part of the survival book to gain valuable insight into the Zone and a preview of what you will find there and how it can help you. You may fully equip your base, but the real test is surviving in the field. There you’ll only have a few options.

Disclaimer: Please note that various gameplay details may slightly change prior to the full release.


Do you know how to craft items and build crafting tools? No? It’s easy when you have the right materials. Collect everything you find in the wild to build crafting tools or, if you really want to save resources, explore the area—sometimes you’ll find an abandoned crafting tool.


stove Chernobylite

The Stove will allow you to concoct simple usables and medicaments to overcome the side effects of staying in the Zone. The following items are created from collectibles you pick up on your missions, so make sure you always have enough ingredients on hand. 

  • Calming Salts (Psyche)
  • Anti-radiation Ointment (Radiation)
  • Healing Salve (Health)

The basis of survival is to have food and medicine. Pay attention to Igor’s statistics: Psyche, Radiation, and Health. Psyche and Radiation are unique to the Zone, tailored specifically to your story. Psyche represents your mental state, similarly to Health reflecting your physical state, and is influenced by the number of kills you make and dangerous encounters you have. Radiation should be kept as low as possible or you’ll suffer from it.


Having a Basic Field Workshop is a good solution if you don’t wish to engage with enemies for supplies or if you want to keep your Psyche in a good state. In it you can prepare Revolver Ammo, Shotgun Slugs, Liquid-Filled Bullets, and Rifle Ammo on your own.


  • Gas Mask Filters
  • Metal Plates

When you need protection asap, anything will do. A Metal Plate is a quick solution for improving your armor if you don’t have a bulletproof vest. It’s not great, not terrible, just better than nothing.

Remember to craft new Gas Mask Filters when necessary. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of a radiation area without protection.


It’s good to have a weapon, but it’s even better if you upgrade it. With a Gunsmith Field Workshop, you can remove, install, or modify your arsenal. Each modification changes a weapon’s statistics, such as Damage, Range, Stability, Recoil Reduction, and Magazine Size.


Aside from hostile soldiers and radiation, there are supernatural threats lurking in the Zone. The Black Stalker emerges from Chernobylite storms and monsters swarm the area from wormholes. Don’t underestimate the danger these present and prepare the necessary equipment to protect yourself.

Chernobylite Neutralizer

A Chernobylite Neutralizer makes Chernobylite storms less frequent, delaying the appearance of the Black Stalker by several minutes. This gives you time to prepare for the inevitable invasion. Use your Stove to craft consumables which are helpful if you choose to run and avoid the Black Stalker or craft ammo and upgrade your weapon before you face him.

Space-Time Distributor

space time distributor Chernobylite

A Space-Time Distributor slows down the rate of radiation using Chernobylite’s power. It makes exploration less dangerous.

Wormhole Blocker

wormhole blocker Chernobylite

A Wormhole Blocker limits the number of wormholes monsters can use to travel to our world, decreasing their number on the day following its usage.


When others hunt you, become a hunter yourself with a range of traps. Each of them has a different detection and explosion range and makes a different amount of noise, so you can adjust the traps to your survival style.


fireworks Chernobylite

Fireworks won’t hurt anyone, but they make a lot of noise and can be used to draw attention.

Laser Explosive Trap

laser explosive trap Chernobylite

A Laser Explosive Trap creates a laser beam that, if stepped through, triggers an explosion which deals serious damage to anyone within its range.


landmine Chernobylite

A Landmine is simple but effective. Activated on contact, the explosion damages everything caught in the blast.

Electroshocking Trap

electroshocking trap Chernobylite

When the enemy gets close, the trap’s core strikes everything around it with lightning for a few seconds.

Assimilating Trap

assimilating trap Chernobylite

Effective against the Chernobylite creatures, an Assimilating Trap drains energy from the enemies in its range.

Directional Trap

directional trap Chermobylite

When a Directional Trap detects movement, it sends a single explosive towards it, killing everyone and everything in its path.

That’s the end of the Survival Book for today. You’re making great progress, Stalkers. Keep it up and maybe you’ll survive in the Exclusion Zone. Join our Discord to communicate with other stalkers.

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