A New Fort Triumph Patch is Available!

29 April, 2021


As part of Fort Triumph’s birthday celebration, we’re coming to you with a brand new patch. The patch introduces several fixes and improvements that make the game more polished than ever. Check out the changelog and see what’s new.



  • Improved fog of war behavior in local versus when AI factions not allied with any of the human players are in game.
  • Added two more fullscreen options in settings: Exclusive Fullscreen and Maximized Window (for Macs).
  • Added missing localization texts.


  • In Act II and Act III, enemy factions now start with leveled up heroes (similarly to the player). The difficulty of neutral fights in these acts has been further increased, based on the difficulty setting. Moreover, units available for purchase (both for a player and the AI) in these acts start at higher levels instead of starting at level 1.
  • Increased the cost of Perpetuity Shrine.
  • Tweaked the ‘It Tolls For Thee’ event regular fight to be a little bit easier. Also fixed a bug with this event where enemies did not move forward towards the player while they were inactive.
  • Changed the ‘The Furnace’ event to result in the player getting a trait that is at least somewhat rare. Also fixed a typo in one of its texts.
  • Changed Exposure Vial not to be affected by control zone.
  • Changed Drunkard and Purist traits to be for ranged units only. This does not affect existing save files.
  • Increased the chances for the AI to use the Goblin Shaman’s Fortify ability.


  • Added level indication when purchasing heroes in town.
  • Improved the icon of Purge to indicate that it also removes stun and provides stun immunity.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where input was reset to the first controller when returning to the world map from battles.
  • A possible fix to UI blinking issue in Linux on some machines.
  • Fixes to some rare cases where Overwatch and Attack of Opportunity did not manage to trigger when there were multiple Overwatches/Attacks of Opportunity.
  • Fixed a bug with the Purist trait giving +1AP (a fix from the beta branch).
  • Fixed a bug with the Purist trait preventing the usage of Safe Movement and Winged Boots abilities. Also enabled using Backpack and Diadem of the Spirit with Purist (as they are strongly related to using physics).
  • Fixed a bug with the Purist trait preventing the picking up of potions or interacting with story mission objects.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes, some tiles became unwalkable with a specific unit (till any action was performed).
  • Fixed a bug where the ballista could use the ‘Safe Movement’ ability.
  • Fixed a bug where, when upgrading Daredevil Stance to its passive version, the ability was shown twice in the party screen, messing up the ability slots UI.
  • When Overwatch misses, it’ll never hit an adjacent object instead (even if the unit has the Lucky trait). This fixes a bug where the moving unit could get stuck due to the target position to which it tried to move to no longer existing (due to the object being destroyed).
  • Fixed typos in German and Russian.
  • Fixed the status name of Bloodlust’s Dodge Stance upgrade.
  • Fixed a bug where Bloodlust’s Dodge Stance status was removed when a unit was targeted via an AoE ability, despite a description stating otherwise.
  • Fixed an Insatiable Bloodlust description erroneously stating that it is limited to once per turn.
  • Fixed the Safe Movement tooltip to show that it costs 1 AP.
  • Fixed numbers IV and VI party signs being flipped when the party moves.
  • Fixed the description of the Charge ability to be clearer.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to pick up potions or interact with orbs with enemy units adjacent to them.
  • Fixed a bug where in The Gobshank Redemption, the goblin burglar could gain XP during the battle (which was lost at the end of it).
  • Changed the tooltips of artifacts in the end act window to show detailed artifact information.
  • Fixed the issue with the stun icon being too low for the last boss.
  • Slightly improved the difficulty assessment of story missions.
  • Sorted out the range description of abilities to be clearer (and with no localization errors).
  • Fixed small visual glitches in the Crypt world map.
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘Blinded’ status didn’t stack with itself.
  • Fixed a description describing why abilities cannot be used when a unit has the Purist or Offensive traits.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the game got (temporarily) stuck on a physics calculation (‘Game got stuck on Physics’ pop-up).


  • Minor performance improvements.
  • Improved loading times of the world map by around 20%.
  • Fixed memory leaks.
  • Partially fixed the deterioration of loading times in long game sessions.

We hope that the new changes will make the game even more fun for you. If you haven’t yet, please consider dropping us a review on Steam. They help us a lot!

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