The Voice of Gitta in Of Bird in Cage—Who is Kobra Paige?

31 Mar 2021

Of Bird and Cage, a dark and mature version of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ in the form of a metal music-driven game, is an upcoming game developed by Capricia Productions and published by All in! Games. The mixture of intense, haunting metal music and deep, meaningful lyrics is brought to life by amazing musicians working from all over the world. One of those amazing musicians is Kobra Paige.

Kobra Paige is a star of the Canadian heavy metal scene. She’s the voice behind Gitta, the heroine of Of Bird and Cage, flawlessly bringing the young woman’s emotions to the surface. Outside of the project, Kobra is the lead singer and songwriter for Kobra and the Lotus, performing together with Jasio Kulakowski, Brad Kennedy, and Lord Marcus Lee. 

Formed in 2008, the band quickly rose to fame and opened for Judas Priest and Saxon at the Hammersmith Apollo in London just four years later, in 2012. It was not only a great honor for the band, but a significant performance for Kobra as well as it was Judas Priest who sparked her interest in heavy metal. 

The first two albums of Kobra and the Lotus, Out of the Pit and Kobra and the Lotus, were successes and praised by many for the song Legend. The band’s potential became evident with subsequent albums, even as their music style evolved, influenced by Kobra’s battle with Lyme disease.

“What I was going through really shaped the lyrics of Prevail I and II. Many of those songs are about a struggle. It was the first time that I became vulnerable and forthright with my lyrics rather than sharing a message through a story,” said Kobra Paige in an interview for Kerrang! in 2019. The experience led her to begin spreading awareness about the illness and inspired the style of the band’s sixth and latest album, Evolution.

As a lyricist, Kobra Paige aspires to express the relatability between humans and the inner struggles they encounter. “I want to promote hope, comfort, and motivation through hearing someone who doesn’t know anything about them have the capacity to express and relate directly to what they are going through. I want the lyrics to heal and inspire people’s individual abilities to persevere and flourish through hard times,” she shared in an interview for HeadBangers Lifestyle

Kobra’s devotion to music and her intention of creating motivating, healing lyrics are undoubtedly what her character, Gitta, needs. The heroine of Of Bird and Cage is a young, aspiring musician who strives to break free from her hopeless life. The metal music that accompanies her struggles, expressing her journey from initial powerlessness to taking control of her fate, accurately represents the young woman’s growth thanks to Kobra’s talent and experience.

Don’t miss Of Bird and Cage when it’s released on PC in May! Read more about the game on our website.

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