Our New Project Phantom Hellcat Takes The Stage!

23 August, 2022

Esteemed Guests!

We’re happy to introduce an upcoming video game from our internal development studio Ironbird Creations: Phantom Hellcat. Phantom Hellcat is a dynamic perspective-changing action adventure coming to consoles and PC.

Watch the trailer:

Break a leg as Jolene, a rebellious teenager who makes the mistake of breaking the seal upon a theater hiding a prison for demons inside. The theater’s seal weakens until the evil trapped within capture Jolene’s mother. Twisted stories of humanity will soon begin to wreak havoc upon the world.

Jump, slash, and dash utilizing the powers sealed within magical character masks to strengthen Jolene’s skills and learn new abilities to build up flashy combo scores in epic fights. Traverse along dynamic 3D/2D camera-shifting perspectives with laser-sharp platforming controls throughout beautiful, hand-crafted theater sets.

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