Exo One is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 this year!

28 April, 2022

Exo One is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in 2022 to be published by All in! Games, with some brand-new features for the PlayStation 5 version. The game is a five-year passion project inspired by sci-fi cinema and experimental narrative games—embark on a journey through mysterious alien worlds, from terrestrial deserts to dreamy gas giants. 

Watch the trailer:

The title has been upgraded for the PS5, introducing buttery-smooth gameplay in 120 fps. Players with a DualSense Controller will experience a richer, more responsive flight than ever before, with haptic feedback that reflects the weather and terrain of each planet. 

As you pilot an alien probe, you will glide and roll across the landscape, controlling gravity itself to reach colossal speeds and exhilarating heights. Drift toward the blue beam on the horizon while rushing down hillsides, riding thermal updrafts into boiling cloud formations, and launching off mountain tops.

Atmospheric, diffused visuals, are accompanied by otherworldly sound effects and a hypnotic electric guitar soundtrack.

Exo One’s features:

  • Explore various unique open worlds, ranging from terrestrial planets to water worlds to gas giants.
  • Pilot an alien probe using multiple movement modes—fly, glide, and roll, controlling gravity itself.
  • Build momentum by using different movement modes, slide down dunes, and catapult off hilltops.
  • Surf and glide through clouds, and catch thermal drafts that lift you high into alien atmospheres.
  • Dive beneath the waves of vast oceans under the glow of far-away suns.
  • Travel at your own pace. There are no challenges or enemies to face.
  • Follow a minimalist, mysterious narrative showing the story of man’s first mission beyond the Solar System.

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