All in! Games—A company beyond borders

2 November, 2020

All in! Games is a Polish company but has a strong international flavor. Foreign specialists bring not only extensive knowledge, skills, and professional experience but also cultural diversity, which contributes to increased creativity and fresh ideas.

The gaming industry is one of those in which boundaries are increasingly blurred. People who work on various projects are scattered all over the world, and the products themselves are also not limited by territory. A game, produced and published in Poland, can be purchased virtually anywhere in the world and delivered to a customer in a matter of seconds, thanks to dedicated platforms.

– We have a real cultural mix in our company. The team includes people from Italy, Spain, Great Britain, and the USA, not to mention external partners living in different parts of the globe – said Paulina Mech, Head of HR at All in! Games. – Hiring people from the European Union is not much different than hiring people from Poland from a formalities standpoint. The matter is more complicated for non-EU citizens because they require a visa or work permit. 

The best source of international hires is internal employee referrals as there is a bigger chance that the person will fit well into our organizational culture. Another option is to post ads on job search sites in specific countries or on international social networks such as Linkedin or Xing. 

Professionals who move to Poland for work usually already have rich international experience so adapting to a new culture is not a big issue. Nevertheless, All in! Games makes sure to take care of their new international employees from their very first day after arriving in Poland; picking them up from the airport, helping with moving, finding a temporary apartment, obtaining a PESEL number, doing taxes, setting up a city card, bank account or a sole proprietorship if needed. 

We talked with our international colleagues about their Polish experience and what it’s like to work at a Polish company. 

Raul, Marketing Coordinator, Spain: 

I’ve only been in Krakow for two weeks now and it’s been great so far. The city is welcoming, and public transport works perfectly fine, so the commute to work is very convenient. I can’t wait to keep exploring Krakow and find everything this wonderful city has to offer.

The work environment is also great. Everyone is very positive and everyone makes me feel at home right from the start. The company is continuously expanding its portfolio and it’s very exciting to be part of the process of bringing new games for people to enjoy. 

Working in an international environment helps you learn about new cultures and ways of working, as well as understanding local market trends and developing communication skills. 

Ellie, Brand Manager, UK (works remotely from the UK):

It’s very exciting working for a growing, ambitious company and being part of a team that champions quality, collaboration, and some very weird and wonderful ideas. Working for All in! Games means committing to an eclectic range of games, with lots of friendly and multi-talented people, and being encouraged to learn and evolve.

There are lots of pros of working in an international environment such as getting to know colleagues with different backgrounds and interests and learning more about Central European markets, global markets, and universal industry practices as opposed to localized. All in! Games is making substantial efforts to translate all documents and communication channels to English and conducts comprehensive onboarding to help newcomers get settled.

Are there any cons? If working from abroad, you have to adjust to the Polish public holiday calendar and time zone… or risk missing calls. Language can sometimes be a barrier, but at All in! Games people are happy to clarify or explain. You can accidentally learn Polish swear words too. 

Cruz, Director of Production, QA & Internal Development, Spain:

In Spain, where I’m from and Great Britain, where I spent a large part of my professional career, Poland does not have the best press. The media and news outlets there focus mostly on the negative aspects of the country – ultra-conservative policies, unacceptable treatment of social and cultural minorities, especially the LGBT+ community, or the lack of progress related to climate protection policies, which are things that worry me and I care about these deeply. However, when I came to Krakow, I was positively surprised by the openness and kindness of the people that I met. 

I fell in love with the city and what it has to offer right away. Before that, I lived in London for five years and in terms of lifestyle, the variety of restaurants, cafes, and other interesting places, the Polish city does not differ much from the British one. It’s very clean, the buildings are modern and most people speak English. I recommend living and working in Poland to all my friends. Thanks to the company’s support, relocation was very simple from a paperwork standpoint. I don’t speak Polish and at first, I was concerned about finding myself in the new environment and institutions. However, the person who helped me through the whole process did a great job. I had no problems with anything and I could very quickly focus only on my work.

Karolina, Copywriter, USA: 

Kraków is a lovely city full of history and cultural events. It’s also great having the Tatry mountains so close by. I enjoy working at All in! Games because as a writer, it’s nice to work on so many different games. The variety keeps things interesting. Since it’s an international company it’s always fascinating to learn about other cultures and work with people from different perspectives of life. 

Alex, Producer, Italy:

I haven’t seen the city much yet, but I’m looking forward to exploring more in the following weeks. I’ve heard tales of the impressive Wieliczka Salt Mine, so I can’t wait to go take a look. I really like both the brand new office of All in! Games and the team. Everyone is just so nice. I can feel I arrived at a turning point for the company, it’s awesome being here. And Ghostrunner is coming! Hype!

Working in an international company helps you take fewer things for granted and learn from a diverse environment. People are always happy to explain a joke that would not work in your language, but often it is really hard to write down a Polish name without spelling it out. Good luck with that.

Having people with different backgrounds, nationalities, and personalities are vital for any company that has big aspirations, especially in such an international environment as the gaming world. Here, at All in! Games we believe that a diverse workforce helps improve innovation, productivity, creativity, and encourages all employees to step up their game in terms of communication and language skills. Thanks, grazie, gracias, danke, spasiba, merci, arigato, and dzięki for that!  

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