Free Chernobylite Content Update Red Trees Now Available

22 June, 2022


The latest free content update, Red Trees, is now available for PC on Steam,, and Epic Games Store. In addition, you can now get the paid DLC Red Trees Pack 30% off on Steam and 

Watch the trailer:

The Red Trees update takes you on 6 new story missions (Ghost of the Past) in which Igor, encouraged by Tatyana in his dreams, explores iconic locations in the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone. You’ll learn more about the history of Chornobyl from former residents’ notes and Tatyana’s narration.

In addition, you can place a new VR helmet in your base. The roguelike-inspired VR Games will allow you to enter the fractal world and face monsters, soldiers, and bosses in different areas, using randomly assigned equipment and skills. You’ll be able to keep all the experience you’ve gained. At some point, a random companion will join Igor, and their relationship will improve. 

The update also adds a new cosmetic item—decorate your base with a gaming station stylized for a post-soviet look.

The paid Red Trees Pack will allow you to bring the menacing Red Forest spirit into your base with new skins. Rusty leaves and the red glow emanating from devices will fill your companion’s hearts with warmth and strength for another tough day in the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone.

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All additional content is free for Early Access users.

If you haven’t played Chernobylite yet, you can now get the game and paid DLCs 30% off on Steam (until July 7) or (until June 27).

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