Chernobylite on Consoles is Getting Free Content Updates Today

2 August, 2022


Free content updates are coming to Chernobylite on Xbox and PlayStation today: Ghost Town and Season 1 Blue Flames. In addition, two paid DLCs Deadly Frost Pack and Blue Flames Pack introducing weapon and equipment skins are now available for purchase. Last but not least, we have several bug fixes for you.

Venture into the infamous Pripyat residential area in Ghost Town. Overtaken by chernobylite crystals, the area is now a ghost town in which it’s easy to get lost. Embark on a journey through various areas in the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone in a new activity, Memory of You, coming in Season 1 Blue Flames. The Silent Assassin crossbow is now available for stalkers who prefer stealth.

Two new paid DLCs are now available for purchase: Blue Flames Pack and Deadly Frost Pack. Blue Flames Pack introduces a wide range of skins for your hideout for a gloomy look, while Deadly Frost Pack will make you much cooler with ice-themed weapon skins.

Among many bug fixes and optimization improvements we’ve introduced on consoles, there’s a solution to corrupted saves on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. We know that the issue was irritating for some players, and we apologize for that. You should no longer lose all of your progress because of corrupted saves.

See the full changelog below:

  • Implemented backup data on PS4/PS5 to resolve the corrupted save issue
  • Improved overall game performance
  • [UI] Slightly increased image size and font size for better visibility
  • [UI] Added some fixes for Quick Menu
  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish localization
  • Fixed audio in the final level
  • Fixed Black Stalker’s final fight dialogue
  • Fixed the blocker in the Heist level when a fast dialogue skip caused the player to not receive input after the dialogue
  • Added auto-saving on certain events—after killing a whole enemy squad, when dialogues end, and when mission loot is obtained
  • Removed unintentional death in the Ariadna device level on stepping off the path
  • Increased performance on Lenin square in Pripyat
  • Fixed chernohost sound timeline
  • Fixed save hitches—the game will no longer freeze during encounters and events on various maps
  • Fixed NPC visibility on Ariadna levels

See you in the Zone, Stalkers!

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