What games to play on Valentine’s Day?

10 Feb 2021

Are you ready for love?

Valentine’s Day is coming, or rather: Valentine’s Day at home is coming. Does that mean that it’ll be boring or plain though? Definitely not! Grab your significant other and plug in your controllers. You don’t even need to be in the same building to enjoy some co-op titles with your sweetheart!

Now, that you have your PC or console ready, surrounded by flower petals and scented candles, it’s time to choose the game. Co-op? A quick game? A romantic video game? Check out our list to help you decide what to play on Valentine’s Day with that special someone.

Co-op video games for couples

You’re alone with your loved one. The family went to visit… whatever, it’s not important. What matters is that you’re alone with them. It’s the perfect time to enjoy some co-op video games. There’s nobody to hear you scream if you lose. Check out our ideas for Valentine’s Day games for couples.

Tools Up!

Do you know what they say about how IKEA puts relationships to a test? Turns out you don’t need IKEA if you have Tools Up!. It’s a fun renovation couch co-op game for couples (and for up to four players, but let’s stick to romance). If you’re looking for date ideas, try Tools Up! and find out if your beloved is the one.

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Little Racer

Who said you need to do adult things on a date? Little Racer is a cute racing game for Nintendo Switch for up to 4 players that will take you back to your childhood. Race through 100+ colorful levels that give off a retro game vibe with a unique art style inspired by toys and slot cars. What, you didn’t play slot cars as a kid?! Make up for it with Little Racer. You can create your own tracks too, so how about a heart-shaped one?

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Among Us

Among Us is an online multiplayer game for 4-10 players, so call your friends and see who’s the power couple. Or half of a power couple, if there’s only one winner. You’re in space and there’s one or two impostors among you. Sabotage and kill the crew or try to eject the impostor. What will you do if your beloved is the impostor though? You can play Among Us for free on mobile devices.

Unravel Two

Create your cute Yarny and build your relationship with your partner Yarny in local co-op or solo. Unravel Two is a colorful puzzle game with settings inspired by wonderfully mossy Scandinavian locations. How will you approach the engaging story of Unravel Two with your other half?

Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends is a 4 player local co op, so you can use it for date ideas or double date ideas. It’s a 2D platformer that will transport you to the colorful world of Rayman and his friends. It’s a wonderfully fast-paced game, but who knows, maybe you’ll still find a moment to hold hands…Just kidding, your character would die.

Don’t Starve Together

You don’t need to avoid starvation alone anymore. Get a date and don’t starve together. Don’t Starve Together is a standalone expansion of Don’t Starve and the idea behind the game is basically the same. It’s a survival horror game for up to 6 players set in a dark, open world. Is it easier to not starve together or no? Find out on Valentine’s Day!

Overcooked! 2

Why play games like Overcooked when you can play the original? Visit the Onion Kingdom solo, in online co-op, or local co-op. Work together or against each other and try out new recipes. Cooking brings people together, right?

Stardew Valley

Leave the bustling city and turn to farming for a while. Stardew Valley is a relaxing farming sim that you can play solo or with up to 4 players. Work hard on your farm, meet new people, go fishing to relax, and explore vast caves for an adrenaline rush. And do it all with your significant other. Aww, how romantic!


Terraria is already a great sandbox game with randomly generated maps and the possibility to play with 3 friends in one world. If that’s not enough to make it your idea for a date night, how about this: the mobile version of Terraria has a Valentine’s Day event! The event is in February and features romantic items, such as Heart Arrows. And all versions of the game have the Wedding set. Are you ready to say your vows?


Two lovers escape to a lost planet. If that’s what you’ve always dreamt of, play Haven. Explore a mysterious landscape, fight enemies, and enjoy everyday life in local multiplayer. If you play solo, you control the two characters at the same time. Overall, it’s a quite romantic RPG adventure.

Monster Prom

Do you want to try dating a monster? Or maybe you’re alone and looking for love? Find it in Monster Prom, a unique up to 4 players game. It’s a funny dating sim in which you become your worst self and seduce your monster schoolmates. Will you get a date or rejection from the prince of the 8th Circle of Hell? Will you make a gorgon that cares only about wealth care about you too? Just be careful to not go for the same character as your real-life date.

Cute games for an evening

As for some other Valentine’s Day ideas, what do you say to short video games? Or to cute video games? Orrrr romantic video games? Does your significant other not like playing, but likes to watch you play? No matter the reason, here are some single player games that aren’t long, but hey, it’s not like Valentine’s Day lasts for longer than 24 hours. Keep your games short for the special evening. To make it more convenient, we’ve added information on how long to beat each game.


Florence is a short game about a young girl who feels stuck in a daily routine. Her meeting with cello player Krish changes the way she sees the world. How will their story unfold? It’s a nice casual game that will brighten your day.

How long to beat: around 1 hour.


Gris is a touching game about a young girl dealing with a painful experience. Charming and atmospheric visuals are accompanied by a great soundtrack. There are some light puzzles and platforming sequences that Gris will encounter on her journey to emotional growth. It’s not an easy topic, so make sure your date is okay with the game first.

How long to beat: 3-5 hours.


A relaxing game set in a vibrant underwater world from the art director of Journey, Matt Nava.The ocean is full of mysteries waiting to be discovered and places waiting to be explored. Visit the heart of the ocean and meet its inhabitants with your sweetheart watching.

How long to beat: 3-5 hours.

To the Moon

Another emotional story told through a video game. Pixel graphics give To the Moon a retro look, which is actually fitting, as the main characters travel back in time to artificially fulfill a dying man’s last wish. People say that it’s one of the video games that will make you cry. Try it out.

How long to beat: 3-5 hours.

Honorable mention: Super Meat Boy

Neither a co-op nor a short game, this unforgiving indie platformer is actually pretty romantic. The main character, an animated cube of meat, risks his life to save his girlfriend. Over the buzz saws and through piles of needles. Aww. Can YOUR love beat his determination? If you like difficult games that won’t let you get away with even the tiniest mistake, try Super Meat Boy.

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