Ridiculous Catapult Simulator—The Mob

05 Jan 2021


Welcome to a brand new Enemy Overview article. Who’s trying to attack our castle this time?

It’s…the Mob!

Watch the video:

Don’t let hilarious looks fool you. Behind the facade of silliness, the Mob Enemy is really…well, actually they are still ridiculously silly, but they are very, very weak and cowardly. The weakest enemy in the game in fact. 

If you want to practice your aim, they are the perfect targets. Sometimes, they don’t even run away from incoming projectiles. They will just cower in fear awaiting the final crash of a flying car. On the other hand, who wouldn’t? But at least they have each other. You’ll never see a Mob enemy without the rest of his gang around. Pillage together, crushed by crazy combos together.

Now let’s have a serious discussion: “The Mob—are they lvl 1 crooks or lvl 100 bosses?” Share your thoughts in the comments below and join the Discussion on Steam and Discord.

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