Ridiculous Catapult Simulator puts you in charge of defending a castle using anything you can throw. Hit monsters in the face with pianos or bathtubs or create crazy combos of various random items and see the unexpected results when they land on the battlefield! 

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Grab a…whatever!

You know what makes a great weapon when you throw it? Anything, that’s what. If it fits, it flies. Start out with a crazy assortment of stuff and add to your arsenal with unlocks as you fling and sling anything and everything through the air against an all-out attack! 

Experiment as you exterminate! 

They say variety is the spice of life, so get ready to dump tons of powerful and destructive spice on your enemies as you mix and match different pieces of ammo! Double the fun (and the damage) as you try different combos made from your deadly inventory.

What happens when you launch a battery at your enemies followed by a toaster? There’s only one way to find out—STAND BACK!

Who dares assault your castle? 

Deal with a variety of different enemies trying to breach your castle walls. Yes, by “deal with”, we mean “crush with a bathtub, car, or anything else you can throw”. 

Slay your way

With a variety of heroes using various weapons, you’re sure to find a favorite style and keep the challenge going for hours on end. Strategically smelly (yes, that’s a thing) or conventional KABOOM!? The path to victory is wide open with awesome options and victorious variety! 

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