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Set in a vibrant fantasy world, Alaloth offers fast paced action with a deep narrative, bringing the aRPG dynamics to a new level with a skill based gameplay inspired by great classics and modern masterpieces in a gritty and mature environment filled with blood and magic!

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Alaloth has descended into the human realm.

Now he lies imprisoned in the Valley of Storms, where the four great kingdoms of men, orcs, elves, and dwarves intersect.

From the Valley’s heart, he spreads evil throughout the kingdoms, determined to extinguish out any light of hope for the people of the world.

Become a hero (or a villain) and choose your own path from the Ways of Arms, Gods and Nature.

Set off on a quest to save the kingdoms from the threat.  Use your wits to overcome dangerous enemies in hardcore combat, escaping death by a hair’s breadth. 

Join one of the noble houses and uphold their history, while their enemies become your enemies.

Prepare for an epic journey that will take you through four vast territories of mountains, forests and wastelands to the Valley of Storms, where you will face your fate…

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