Alaloth—Ways of Power: The Way of Nature

10 Mar 2021


You’ll need power and skills to survive in the world of Alaloth. To possess them however, you will first have to choose a Way of Power and a Profession. Today we’ll take a deeper look into the Way of Nature, one of the three Ways of Power you’ll be able to choose from.

In the beginning there was only the All-Father’s chaos and Jaiha’s earth. The only power to be harnessed was the raw energy of nature. It was the elves of old that learned that if one nourished their connection to the nature around them, they would reap great rewards. A champion who chooses the Way of Nature will gain elemental magical skills that can be used at a long range against their enemies. This way draws on the power of the nature gods to help a champion manipulate the flora and fauna that surrounds them.

Professions of the Way of Nature

Like every Way of Power, the Way of Nature has its own unique professions. These will help you connect to the natural world and vanquish your enemies.


Earthquake, Fireblast, Lightning Bolt, and Winter’s Grasp

By joining with nature, Elementalists have control over all elements in the mortal realm. They excel in conjuring these elements and manipulating them as they please. 

Winter’s Grasp

Permanently freeze all the enemies around you by surrounding yourself with the icy winds of winter.

Lightning Bolt

Harness the power of thunder and lightning to strike forcefully at your enemy with electric results.


Bring forth a mighty dragon within you that will burn your enemies to a crisp with the heat of its fury.


Shake Jaiha’s earth to knock down your enemies and make them lose their balance.


Arcane Shield, Forcewave, Disruption Field, and Cloudkill

Arcanists focus more on the magical aspect of nature rather than on controlling specific elements.


Unleash a poisonous cloud that envelops your enemies and follows them as they try to escape.


Knock the enemies that are assaulting your position to the ground with the force that exists deep inside all living things.

Arcane Shield

The forces of nature and of magic are one. With both, you can form a mighty shield that will protect you from harm.

Disruption Field

There’s no reason to let the enemy storm your party without obstacles. Call upon nature to slow and disrupt the will and might of your enemy, giving you an edge in battle.


Bohai’s Hand, Elemental Aegis, Healing Spring, and Summon Familiar

Wardens completely immerse themselves into nature, becoming one with it. They guide it and revel in it, manipulating it with admiration rather than selfish need. Wardens control the creatures of the ground as well as the earth itself.

Bohai’s Hand

Summon the mighty thorny hand of Bohai, a root that will capture your enemies and keep them in place, not allowing them to move while it’s called.

Summon Familiar

Call on the powers of nature to summon an animal familiar to fight by your side and charge at the enemy for the duration of a battle. The pet will follow you for as long as it lives.

Elemental Aegis

Do not let the enemy attack you with that which you hold power over; protect yourself from the powers of the elements with a shield made from them.

Healing Spring

Form an aura around yourself that will promote the natural processes of healing in yourself and your allies.

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