Alaloth—Ways of Power: The Way of Gods

03 Mar 2021


You’ll need power and skills to survive in the world of Alaloth. To possess them however, you will first have to choose a Way of Power and a Profession. Today we’ll take a deeper look into the Way of Gods, one of the three Ways of Power you’ll be able to choose from.

In the world of Plamen, you are never alone. A god or two is always watching over you, guiding you, giving you strength, or cursing your enemies. Following the Way of Gods, a champion will have the power to gain boons and abilities from a plethora of deities; some good, some evil—depending on a champion’s wishes. The gods channel their power through champions that they feel are worthy of possessing it, channeling spells that heal or kill as needed.

Professions of the Way of Gods

Like every Way of Power, the Way of Gods has its own unique Professions that will help you restore the faith and fight like the blessed monks.


Divine Shield, Holy Fire, Bless, and Consecration

Templars are mighty defenders of the faith, providing holy energy to the world by channeling the powers of the gods of justice, healing, and truth. Templars swear to protect the four kingdoms using pure magic. 

Divine Shield

Gather the powers of the gods to form a protective shield that will defend you from incoming attacks from close and afar.

Holy Fire

Call upon the ire of the gods and send their righteous fury against enemies with a fire that burns more than just the unholy.


The power of the gods channeled through this blessing will give you and your allies a boost in battle.


The enemy aims to corrupt the lands of the blessed gods, but you won’t let them. Consecrate the ground beneath them and punish them for their sins.


Banish Undead, Purify, Sanctified Field, and Heal Wounds

Defenders of the faith and preachers of the word of the gods. Clerics travel between holy places, healing the sick, blessing the righteous, and smiting the sinful. They protect the mortal realms from abominations and the evil magic of the undead.

Banish Undead

Send skeletons, zombies, and any creatures that dare to crawl out of their graves back into the ground with the blessing of the gods. Cause damage to all undead near you.


Traveling and fighting in these corrupted lands takes its toll on you. Purify ailments and misgivings from yourself and your allies.

Sanctified Field

Cast upon the ground around you the sacred power to cure yourself and your allies when in battle, and block the malice of your foes.

Heal Wounds

Let the lifeforce given to you by the will of the gods flow through you to heal yourself or those around you.


Summon Undead, Vampiric Touch, Affliction, and Curse

Death is not the final stage for mortals as some may think. Necromancers hold dominion over the realm of the dead. They can raise them from their graves and make them walk the streets once more. Necromancers use the dead as their own personal army to fulfil their wicked plans.

Summon Undead

Give the bloated corpses and piles of bones around you a new chance at life in your service as they fight to “die” for you.

Vampiric Touch

The blood that flows through your enemy’s veins is yours by right. Take their lifeforce for yourself as you strike against them.


Afflict your enemies with a potent ailment from the gods of death and cruelty, let them suffer slowly as they fight against you.


Let your opponent have no advantages in battle and make them vulnerable, make them feel pain when they try to strike against you.

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