Alaloth—Ways of Power: The Way of Arms

26 May 2021


You’ll need power and skills to survive in the world of Alaloth. To possess them however, you will first have to choose a Way of Power and a Profession. Today we’ll take a deeper look into the Way of Arms, one of the three Ways of Power you’ll be able to choose from.

The Way of Arms

With strength of arm you will be able to vanquish any foe that comes your way, whether by sword or axe, with a shield or a polearm—nothing can stand in your way. The Way of Arms pushes your champion’s physical limit to the max, giving them the skills they need to endure and deliver powerful strikes that shatter bones and cut through flesh with ease. Your champion will use their strength to master lethal fighting techniques that will turn them into a war machine. The Way of Arms relies only on the physical, avoiding the use of magic.

Professions of the Way of Arms

Like every Way of Power, the Way of Arms has its own unique Professions that will help you conquer your fears and fight like a sentinel in the face of danger.


Power Sting, Arrow Chain, Rain of Arrows, and Snareshot

With eagle eyes, marksmen always hit their target. Whether from afar or up close, there is no escape for any enemy once an arrow is coming their way.

Power Sting

An arrow shot that comes with an extra boost of force that will deal devastating damage to an opponent.

Arrow Chain

Shot in quick succession, one after another, Marksmen give no quarter to their enemies who cannot avoid the rapid arrows coming their way.

Rain of Arrows

When one arrow is not enough, launch a barrage of arrows at the sky and let them fall on your enemies from above.


A piercing bolt that penetrates deep into the enemy, causing substantial blood loss during combat.


Mighty Blow, Ring of Pain, Leaping Strike, and Charge

Rushing into battle, Warlords are a force to be reckoned with,  and put all of their might to their strikes, leaving a trail of bodies and broken armies wherever they roam. They excel in hand-to-hand combat, delivering powerful blows to the enemy until they’re subdued or dead.

Mighty Blow

With all your might, raise your weapon to the sky and bring it down on your enemy with the force of a true warrior.

Ring of Pain

Without a doubt, the immediate area that surrounds you is a danger to any foe. Teach them a lesson for getting too close.

Leaping Strike

Leap towards the burning sun and bring a devastating blow down upon your enemy that no foe can withstand.


A true warrior is as light on his feet as he is strong. Use these two skills to charge at your enemy without giving them time to react.


Puppet Wire, Rage, Battle Shout, and Last Stand

Protection above all—any attack will falter, and any arrow let loose deflected, no one breaches the Guardian’s walls. This profession ensures protection against any and all vicious enemies that stand in your way.

Puppet Wire

You are a sentinel among mortals, a terror to man and beast, no one can look upon you without fear, and even the bravest shrivel in dread.


Look deep into your beating heart and trust in the rage that burns inside to regain the will to fight.

Battle Shout

Rally your troops to your side and fight with the fury of a thousand soldiers. Everyone beside you will fight harder and better.

Last Stand

In the thick of battle, when defeat appears to be imminent, make your last stand, and keep on fighting till the end.

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