Alaloth—The Dragons of Bane and Flame

20 Jan 2021

Dragons are competitive creatures. It is because of this that the four dragons remaining on the continent each claimed a kingdom for themselves. Having branched out and settled in their own kingdoms, the dragons are able to hold dominion over all the lives in a territory untouched by the other dragons. They use their environments almost to exhaustion, corrupting the land against its inhabitants.

Last week we spoke of the Dragons of Black and Gold. They were introduced as the dragons of the realm of humans and the realm of dwarves. The remaining two dragons that we’ll discuss today sought other prey…


Hidden in the dense forests of Larastir, the green swift tailed dragon, Viainne, bides her time, hunting in silence as to not attract the attention of the elves. She is a prideful and vengeful dragon, but patient in her need to exact revenge on those who wronged the dragons so many years ago. She sees herself as superior to the other dragons and often does what she can to undermine them in her goal to reign supreme. The cave which she dwells contains a scent that enthralls mortals as they approach, allowing Viainne to enslave them, consume them, or slay them as she wills. Being the fastest of the dragons, she is one of the most dangerous opponents on the continent. 


Heat like the abyss, hell on earth…that is what the red dragon, Pyre, brings to all orcs as he ravages the lands of Baga. Pyre cares nothing for the traditions of old, he doesn’t hold grudges or fear anything, he just feels the need to burn everything in sight until the world is consumed by fire. He arbitrarily switches between two extreme personalities, one brooding upon the ashes of a dead fire and the other like a great inferno of hatred that he unleashes upon the land. Pyre is the lord of everlasting fire, and those who try to venture into his obsidian cave will find it very difficult to avoid his devastating flames much less kill him. 

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