Alaloth—Lileah, The Last Light of Vaizmil

24 Feb 2021

Let Her Light Shine Upon Your Shield

In the lands of Plamen you’ll find many who will want to join in your crusade against Alaloth—if your interests align. Some will come from far and wide, from distant lands or from their own home in Plamen, but all have the same goal in mind—defeating the great demon. These characters are potential Companions who would join you on your quest. The first you may choose to add to your band of heroes is Lileah. She is someone who cherishes the light of Vaizmil and wants to protect all that is innocent and good, especially now, that corruption that is slowly but surely taking over Edherest.

Lileah, The Last light of Vaizmil

Hailing from Altar City, Lileah was orphaned when the city was destroyed by Alaloth’s Tempests. Now the city is known as the God Graves. As a child, she was always aggressive and looking for a fight. No caretaker or family had the patience to bear with the wild child and she often found herself on the streets of Edherest. As she matured, she formed a bond with the Shield-Bearers of Vaizmil, eventually becoming a member, and used her aggression and violent nature for good. But as the priesthood lost its hold over Edherest and magic users became more powerful than ever in the service of the great houses, Lileah found herself disillusioned by her position in life. She worked tirelessly to save persecuted priests from the hands of the houses and now, she seeks a way to restore balance to the kingdom. As the last sentinel of Vaizmil, Lileah has taken it upon herself to fight against the enemies of the Goddess and slay the ultimate monster, Alaloth. She will seek a champion to join forces with who will protect the innocent and do what’s good, even at the cost of self-sacrifice.

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