Alaloth – Champions of The Four Kingdoms is getting a comic book!

16 Nov 2020


We’re coming to you with the latest news from The Four Kingdoms. Alaloth is going to receive a comic book, Alaloth – The Tempest, which will be a prequel to the game’s main story. The comic book will be released in 2021, in partnership with publisher Edizioni BD, which is taking care of the international licensing.

The story will transport readers to The Four Kingdoms before the arrival of Alaloth. In this new fantasy saga you’ll follow a young girl, Asha, who leaves her home to save her family only to find herself involved in the war for The Fifth Kingdom. With the help of a few fierce warriors of other races, Asha will have to prevent an ancient evil from being unleashed.

You can check out a few pages from the comic book below!

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